The two bodies “enter into composition with the other” destroying clear boundaries

of where one subjectivity begins and the other ends. - kg guttman

                    To attempt to clearly define the intertwined presence of the two performers, or to demarcate their bodies from the materials they pull up or down, is to                                        

                                                            miss the subtle ineffable interspace that is generated in the back and forth of the movement, sound and image.  -kg guttman


    There seems to be a desire to touch the other, by coming as close as possible to the edges. The edges, the limits, are however always kept.

They may move slightly, but they are not demolished. -Konstantina Georgelou

Moving Around X creates an experience that makes tangible how fragile the relationship is between

reality and perception. And that the margins created by this fragility allow actions which fracture norms

and thus prevent the hardening of social fabric. -Der Standard

Summoning imagery is one thing, but creating a language of dance is an entirely different one. O’Connor is proficient of both. -European Cultural News



                                             With Moving around X, O’Connor more than accomplishes everything one could hope for in a contemporary dance piece. It is a work driven by its own contradictions, one that constantly creates poetic imagery and that confronts the spectator with associations that cannot be shared with anyone.  - European Cultural News

But even the new body, the elaborate movements, the perfect performance, the excellent performers and the clever, thoughtful choreographer do not manage to transport the thoughts from within to the outside. They stay hidden, like the faces of the man and the woman on stage underneath their mud masks. And the audience may view and marvel. And realize in surprise that time has indeed stopped. The hour was much too short.



  As for human behavior, perception is often deceptive matter. Especially when Empathy in clashes with imaginings. This tension will show the three very different, but equally charismatic personalities with great sensibility and almost as strong sense of irony.  -Der Standard

The underlying structure of TERTIARY results from the given space, the space between the dancers, their contact with each other, a watermelon and the musical score. -FALTER

More heated than affectionate, more aggressive than erotic, passionate in any case, [...] tangling and intertwining of three bodies into one.

The forgiveness and giving what the other most eagerly desires and needs - this selfless gesture is expressed here by the play on the piano. No longer does the physical exchanges and physical symbiosis stay the center of attention. Rather, it is the knowledge and support of the partner's needs that make whole again, what seemed to have been lost.  -European Cultural News

                                                                                                    Therefore, the General Theory of Love, in which Inertia DeWitt so touchingly sings like O'Connor and Gonzalez soulfully dance tenderly, is a more practical answer to the crisis of romantic love acts.  -Der Standard

Thus O'Connor contributes a sharp succinct perspective to the now compacted  European dance queerness theme. -Der Standard


                                                        Rather, he succeeds by his performance as Jai Jai Sincere a reflection on gender conventions and expectations to stimulate, not only in general, but especially in the        

                                local respectively European field of contemporary dance and choreography. -Corpus web

It is less the unique moments as the general appearance, behavior, movements and glances of Jai Jai Sincères that make the performance, not only from a feminist and queer perspective, but politically exciting. -Coprus web

O’Connor’s solo work ‘a waiting dog dies’ captivates by its strict duck- logic and the operational readiness level of the choreographer and performer, which involves silence, nonchalant flirting with sentimentality and acts of sobering provocation. -Der Standard