founded in 2006, a waiting dog, is the creating company behind Michael O’Connor and has produced

2022    Between these lines

2022    the Occluding edge (dance film)

2021    Linear Engagement (dance film)

2017    Lines of Thought (dance film)

2017    Thought as a Rope

2016    Untitled Thoughts

2015    Moving Around X: the x of y

2014    Moving Around X

2013    TERTIARY

2012   A General Theory of Love

2011    You are the subject of my seeing

2011    NEWS

2008    a waiting dog dies

2008    The PArk

2006    Only



A Waiting Dog:


Michael O’Connor

Esther Steinkogler

Collaborative Partners:

Guy Cools

Samuel Feldhandler

Raul Maia

Alexander Kasses

Martin Schwab

Karin Pauer

Eva Jankovsky

Alan Cienki

Claire Granier

Brandon Gonzalez

Inertia DeWitt

Georg Scheu

Niels Wiejer