Inspired from quantum physicist Karen Barad, this work highlights the distinction between borders and border making practices. Text/ural responds to Power Structures and Hidden Borders by exploring the importance of words as hidden boundary making practices and that the entanglement between light, body and matter creates and destroys the illusion of borders.

The placement of one work in two locations, not only metaphorically resembles quantum entanglement, but gives the viewer the agency to entangle themselves within the words, rather than allowing them to reflect from a distance. This work intends to create a diffractive experience where one can not only stand within the text, but blackout text or place the words on themselves. As an actual border or outline around an object is only a fabrication of the human eye, Text/ural also requires the viewer to pan across the room, blurring surrounding and peripheral works. The viewer must actively change their perspective in order to engage with the full text. Words, light and body become boundary making practices that can be warped, bend, misaligned, present falsehoods, connect objects, and bring forth new spaces. What seems like clear borders between light and darkness, between words or bodies, are actually diffracted non-borders of interacting matter.


Venice Biennale


Palazzo Mora

November 1-27th

Press Play on both at the same time