Concept: Michael O'Connor

Performance: Samuel Feldhandler, Michael O’Connor

Music: Performed by Nina Simone,

Written by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington

Music Arrangement and Sound Editing: Samuel Feldhandler

Video: Michael O’Connor

Text: M. Day, R. Feynman, M. Johnson, G. Lakoff, A. Lev, M. O’Connor, K. Pauer.

Materials: Michael O’Connor, Alexander Jackson Wyatt

Research Mentor: Guy Cools

Supported by: Wien Kultur, BKA, AHK Theaterschool, ImpulsTanz, Life Long Burning, Tanz Quartier Wien.

Special thanks to AMCh peers and staff, Karin, Alan, Katie, Moreen, Almu, Juan, Xavi and Sam for engaging in the practice of this research.

Moving Around X: the x of y offers a kaleidoscope of metaphors that trace the experiences we encounter in our daily lives.  The piece poses the question, ‘does the architecture of our thoughts resemble the material world around us?’ Two performers communicate through objects in an interdependent relationship that invites the audience to listen with their eyes. Pulling from embodied theories on metaphor, the performers attempt to shape materiality as a way to connect and understand immaterial things, like time, thought, and relationship.  The subjectivity of the two performers entangles within a series of micro-events, which break up linearity and offer no narrative.  The work leads the viewer away from a purely visual experience and enriches the moving image with synesthetic offerings between body, object and sound. Relying on the qualities within an array of pathways and containers and the shifting ways these formations are realized, the contours of changing dynamics on stage point towards meaning, but leave the viewer empty, to fill in the content themselves.

C.Nellie de Boer