Choreography/Performance: Mike O’Connor 7 minutes 2011

Everything is temporary if you give it enough time.

This solo has been performed as:

23 days after

37 days after

56 days after

(The title of the solo changes accordingly to when it is performed respectively.)

Slowly mapping a memory, unpredictable movements fight between clarity and vagueness. A space is created through the performance that interacts with the real space the body performs in.

As time passes, different things fade while other things develop. This solo is a performance exemplifying the ability of the practice of the dance to grow while the memory marking the starting point recedes and evaporates. In a juxtaposed coupling, the piece itself evolves over time as the title changes and announces the distance it has taken, while the body dancing moves through space almost trying to remember. The object body performing becomes more intimate and connected to the dance, structure and performance as the subject material of the work passes through time allowing itself to be changed. The question then is, is the work making visible the journey and documenting the process of distance, or actually resisting the natural progression of history by throwing the body back into the crumbling reminiscence of the first moment of the last day.

Music: Roberta Flack